Cultural Identity

Beaumont is more than just businesses and homes. We need to build a vibrant cultural identity that sets us apart from other communities. Theatre.png

The Beaumont Society for the Arts just embarked on an ambitious project to build a multi-use Arts Centre in the Town. This project is intended to provide a space for artists within our community - including performing artists and visual artists - to work and to showcase their work. Many other municipalities have built such spaces, and integrated them with other infrastructure in their communities. These facilities become central gathering places that benefit everyone in the region.

The Town of Beaumont should make this project a reality. We have the project management, construction and funding ability to ensure this project is successful. We need to reach out to user groups within the Town as 220px-Fleur_de_lys_(or).svg.pngwell as our regional partners to make sure this facility is built to meet our needs for many years to come.

One of the things that makes our Town unique is our francophone Heritage. This is core to our identity, and we need to protect it with every decision we make.

When we’re granting money to local festivals, we need to involve francophone artists and activities.

A francophone adult should be able to walk into our public library and find a selection of French material to check out.

We should actively support events that promote francophone culture – and ensure that there are spaces within the community where the French language can be used.

We should support our francophone school by ensuring that they have an appropriate space, permanently zoned, with the same traffic control measures that other schools in town have.

Support for our francophone identity doesn’t begin and end with an architectural façade. It must be lived. It’s time to actually start celebrating and supporting our French heritage.

This is how we will build a better Beaumont.

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